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Academic Programs

Program Overview

SKKU's School of Law offers programs such as JD, SJD, Master, and Ph.D. degrees.
The school's key focal points are as follows:

1. Experience & Leadership

SKKU Law School has 40 faculty members, including eminent legal scholars, former judges, prosecutors, and attorneys with lengthy practical experience. Ranked first in the faculty category by the Law School Approval Review Committee, SKKU law faculty brings a wide range of expertise to the school. Many possess advanced law degrees from abroad, hold leadership positions on domestic and international law committees, and serve as consultants to various government agencies.

2. Innovating Teaching

The faculty is committed to teaching and advising students through innovative teaching techniques such as the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methodology, in which students lead real case scenarios; team exercises in negotiation courses, legal clinic projects; and foreign-language instruction in international and comparative courses. Law professors also supplement students' regular course of study by offering additional bar exam lectures.

3. Mentorship

SKKU Law School has a special professor-student mentoring system. Incoming law students request a mentor professor who meets with them on a regular basis throughout their law school career to check on the students' progress and concerns.

Students who are interested in these qualities and would like to know more about the programs offered should contact the school's head office.