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About the School

Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU) Law School

Sungkyunkwan University Law School has been a cornerstone of legal education since its inception in 1948, nurturing talented individuals who have gone on to lead in the Korean legal community as well as in political, governmental, and business sectors. The school upholds a proud tradition of excellence and responsibility.



Following the reorganization of Korea's legal education system in 2009, Sungkyunkwan University Law School has produced over 1,200 lawyers in the past 15 years. These graduates have excelled in various fields, including judiciary roles, prosecution, private law firms, and international organizations, thanks to a top-tier curriculum and the dedicated efforts of our esteemed faculty.



However, we recognize that we cannot rest on our laurels. The opening of the legal market, coupled with the emerging challenges of the intelligent information society and the 4th industrial revolution, necessitates a proactive and forward-thinking approach. To effectively navigate these changes, we are committed to systematically developing our potential for greater advancements.



Building on the achievements of the past 15 years, Sungkyunkwan University Law School aims to cultivate legal professionals who are equipped to meet the demands of a new era and to take on future missions and roles. We strive to develop competent, ethical, and socially adept legal professionals by constantly improving upon our research, curriculum, student guidance, and linking theory to practice.



We welcome and value your interest and support for Sungkyunkwan University Law School.


Thank you.


Il Hwan Kim

Dean, Sungkyunkwan University Law School