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SJD/PhD/Master of Laws

Application / Admission Timeline

Doctor of Juridical Science, Doctor of the Science of Law, Scientiae Juridicae Doctor or Juridicae Scientiae Doctor (sometimes also referred to as a Doctor of Laws), abbreviated S.J.D. or J.S.D., respectively, is a research doctorate in law and equivalent to the Ph.D.

As a research doctorate, it follows professional training in law (LL.B. or J.D.) and the first graduate-level training in in this area (Master of Laws). It is primarily aimed at educating professors, legal scientists, and other scholars in law.

The Master of Laws is a postgraduate academic degree, pursued by those either holding an undergraduate academic law degree, a professional law degree, or an undergraduate degree in a related subject. In some jurisdictions the "Master of Laws" is the basic professional degree for admission into legal practice. It is commonly abbreviated LL.M., from the Latin Legum Magister (meaning "Master of Laws").

Application / Admission Timeline
  For Spring Semester For Fall Semester
Release of Admission Guide October April
Application Period November May
Notification of Admission Decision January of the following year June
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Please find the application forms and documents at the Admission's Office Website


S.J.D/ Ph.D/ Master of Laws Courses (Academic Year: 2021 Korean Language)

S.J.D/ Ph.D/ Master of Laws Courses (Academic Year: 2017 Korean Language)
Course Title Credits
A Study on Double Taxation Conventions(Ⅰ) 3
Basic Theories of Commercial Law  3
Basic Theories of Contract 3
Basic Theories of Criminal Law 3
Case Precedent Study On the Competition Law  3
Case Studies in Tax Controversies 3
Cases on Labour Law 3
Civil Law and Cases 1 3
Civil Procedure Cases 3
Comparative Constitutional Law 3
Comparative Criminal Law 3
Comparative Family Law 3
Comparison of Korean and American Contract Law of Assignment and Delegation 3
Conflict of Laws and International Civil Litigation 3
Consumer Law and Competition Policy 3
Contemporary Issues in Legal Theory 3
Corporation Law 3
Corporation Liquidation Law 3
Criminal Law and Current Issues 3
Damages 3
Economics of Business Law 3
Economy Crime and Criminal Law 3
General Theory of Criminal Procedure 3
General Theory of Taxation Law 3
Intensive Study of Copyright Law 3
Intensive Study of Trademark Law 3
Issues on Special Litigation Procedures 3
Law and Order in Cyberspace 3
Law of International Contract 3
Law of Police and Order 3
Law of Regulatory Administration 3
Law, Science and Technology 3
Legal Method 3
Local Autonomy Act 3
Readings in Law and Economics 3
Regulation of Cyber Crime in International Law 3
Science Technology and Constitutional Law 3
Social Security Law 3
Studies in Chinese Law Studies 3
Study of Criminal Cases 3
Study on Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions 3
Study on Individual Crimes 3
Study on Patent Cases 3
The Society and Civil Law 3
The Theory of Administrative Function 3
Theories on Constitutional Justice 3
Theories on Corporation Litigation 3
Theory of Government Structure 3
US Corporation Law 3
WTO and Intellectual Property Rights 3
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Graduate Courses (Academic Year: 2021 English language)

Graduate Courses (Academic Year: 2017 English language)
Course Title Credits
Current Legal Issues in Global Society 3
East Asian Comparative Law Ⅰ 3
The Trend of the Theories in the Japanese Civil Law Studies 3
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